A secret weapon for sewing jersey fabrics…..

The beauty of jersey and knit fabrics is that they stretch.  However, this can also cause problems when trying to sew them on a domestic sewing machine.

Does this little scenario sound familiar?  You’ve almost finished what you’re making, you turn over a hem and stitch it and it comes out with an unintentional stretched, wavy edge!

Sometimes you don’t want the fabric to stretch.  That’s when you need this:

What is it?  Iron-on bias tape and it’s a wonder.  It’s lightweight iron-on interfacing cut into a continuous bias strip (bias so that it will bend around curves) with a line of stitching to one side to stabilise it.  If you iron it onto the edge of your fabric before you turn it over and hem it or onto seams that you don’t want to stretch before you sew them, you will be rewarded with beautiful flat, unstretched, unwavy hems and seams.

I always have a good stock of this at MIY Workshop for students to use in classes and to buy to take away to use.  I also include it in all my patterns that specifically need it, for example my drapey cardi pattern which needs the tape around the back neck and shoulders to stop the weight of all the fabric at the front of the cardi from stretching them out of shape.

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