MIY Collection creations by MIY Workshop students

Students at MIY Workshop have been busy creating wonderful things from MIY Collection patterns recently……

Helen in just one of many straight neck vests she’s been churning out!

Louise in a straight neck dress – layered, very Autumn/Winter, I like!

Another straight neck dress by Tracey and drapey cardi to complete the outfit.

Helen again, this time in her drapey cardi.

And last, but not least, Lousie who isn’t one of my students, but is a fan of my patterns came to show me what she’s been doing with one of them.  She’s used the straight neck dress pattern and also made the straight neck vest (with added flare at the side seams) to wear over the top of the dress, all in the same fabric.  I think this makes a really flattering, wearable combo and has set my little brain off clicking and whirring……we discussed more ideas and I look forward to seeing how they turn out.

There are currently a few shrugs in progress at MIY Workshop which I’m looking forward to!  Pictures to follow…..

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