MIY Collection (Make-It-Yourself Collection) is for the modern sewer, frustrated at the choice of frumpy, twee and downright confusing sewing patterns they’re forced to choose from.

MIY Collection includes styles that can be attempted by sewers of little or lots of experience.

Here is an evolving collection of styles to suit all shapes and sizes and inspire with photos and ideas for how you can customise each pattern to really make it suit your own style.

The abundance of cheap, poor quality, uniform clothing available on British high streets can make shopping depressing.  People concerned about the working conditions under which many of these clothes are manufactured overseas want an alternative.  MIY Collection is a fresh approach to fashion, it’s a fashion label that you can make your own.  There’s no exploitation involved in that!

Important information about using MIY Collection patterns:

All copyright for all MIY Collection designs remain with Wendy Ward.  These sewing patterns are for personal home sewing only, not for commercial use so please don’t sell garments you make from my patterns, or reproduce any part of the patterns or the instructions without my permission.  If you want to sell clothing you make yourself, talk to me about commissioning some designs and patterns.

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